Friday, May 2, 2008

Youth meeting or bust.

So, here we are on our way to the youth revival meeting. As always when getting ready for a trip, however short or long, I spend the days beforehand in a tizzy . . . or tizzie . . . or in a state of frustration . . . or whatever. As was the case yesterday. I was so ill with my kids. What? Oh, no. I wasn't ill as in sick. I was just really, terribly, very grouchy. Because it was Thursday. And I had to pack. And it was mother-in-law's birthday. And I did not have a present or even a card for her yet. And I knew Mister would want to go see her, especially since we'd be away for a day or two. And right now Thursday just means chaos anyway. And many hours on the road. And criss-crossing all over town.

The boys are currently preparing to take the SAT and the state has allowed a certain number of homeschoolers to access the SAT prep course online for free. Don't you know we jumped on that like . . . uhhhhh, I can't think of anything clever to say here . . . just suffice it to say we didn't pass up that opportunity. Anyway, after they did a section on that yesterday, they headed off to their journalism class. While they were away I finished working in the flower beds and ate a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich. And read a bunch of blogs. And worried about packing. And how we're going to pay for university for Little Miss Independent. And worried about worrying. And then I was tired.

But the day was still young, no matter how tired I was feeling.

After the boys got home, we were off like those magnificant horses that run the Steeplechase! Not that I've ever actually watched horse races. How boring is that? Give me NASCAR any day! The most exciting part about horse racing is those fancy hats the women wear. But, I digress. Which isn't all that uncommon. My stories have more rabbit trails than a Baptist preacher at a camp meeting.

Once we left home, it was many, many hours before we'd reach home again.

  • First stop, Wal-Mart. Where I had to purchase shotgun shells for my underage boys.
  • Next on the list, stop at the bank and deposit some money in my checking account. Good thing I checked my account online! My new computer doesn't have Quicken yet. That tops my list of things to do when I get home
  • Then we had to stop off at the feed store that's been around since 18-something-or-another downtown. I love that place! So much history! So many plants! I'll take pics next time I'm in town.
  • Ummmm. . . oh, then the library. Where we turned in books that we thought were due yesterday, but were really due the day before. Oh. Sorry.
  • Thankfully the art building is right next door, so we just dropped Litte Mama off there.
  • Then it was off to shotgun, clear across town. After stopping to get an ice cream Snickers bar. Bad! Bad! Bad! But it tasted sooooooo good!
  • Back across town to pick up LM at art.
  • Across to the other side of town to take the Chick Magnets to their Explorer meeting.
  • Stopped at Goodwill looking for . . . something. Look, I'm broke. I needed some retail therapy but only had a couple of dollars. Where else can you satisfy the need to shop a little without spending so much money? Can you say thrift store baby! But, nothing for me yesterday, though I did get Baby Girl something.
  • Dropped by the cafe to see LMI. Love me some hugs from my college-bound baby. But, let's move on, shall we? I'll think about that another day.
  • Off to Old Navy for new flipflops. Okay, I just have to stop and say that I am a hypocrit. I used to despise/hate/loathe flipflops. But then I began to borrow my girls'. And then I bought my own. And now I live in them in the summer. And I have glittery ones. And shiny ones. And a pair to match every summer outfit. Okay. Moving on . . .
  • Home! But not for long. Headed out a short time later to meet Mister, eat supper, go to Wal-Mart for stuff, visit MIL.
  • 11:30 p.m. Home again. Pack. Clean up.
  • 1:00 Wash hair. Shave legs. Read a few minutes. Hit the hay.
  • Today. 6:45 a.m. Alarm goes off. Time to get up. In a few minutes. Just a few minutes more. Oh, this pillow feels heavenly.
  • 7:15 a.m. Up! Get dressed. Feed chickens. Straighen hair. Load SUV.
  • 9:00 a.m. Meet rest of caravan. Head out. Blog on the way.

And so. Here we are on our way. Right now we are on the other side of Atlanta. With two very talkative girls in the back seat. The apprehension over the trip has slowly subsided and I'm excited to be spending time with some of the youth and adults from our church. It'll be fun getting to know them better. And, really, all that stress and worrying about getting ready . . . well, for the sake of these kids, it's worth it. Who knows? Maybe God will do a work in the hearts of the adults there as well.

The best part of all is anticipating what God will do in their lives through this meeting. My prayer is that God will reach into the depths of their hearts and put a burning desire there to serve Him faithfully, to live a life worthy of their calling, and to make Him more important than anything.

And can I just say that, Praise the Lord, Thursday as I know them right now will soon be over!

Talk soon!



Deborah said...

Do you ever stop running? LOL

Julia said...

Yes, but my brain is constantly in motion. Seriously, for some reason we are really, really busy this time of year. I guess everybody is trying to get activities in before it's too stinkin' hot to do anything! In a few weeks both of our co-ops will end, most 4-H activities will be suspended for the summer . . . well, three of the kids are teen leaders at camp and the boys will be off to State Congress, so scratch that . . .

Honestly, I really don't know how to have my kids involved in things without us becoming too busy for our own good. I guess that's just part of having teenagers! And too soon those days will be ending as they enter adulthood. Already it is happening.