Sunday, June 29, 2008

I AM a bum! Plus, the many faces of me.

Totally and without apology, I admit that I am being a total bum right now. No! NOT a hiney bum, though I am sitting around on my bum lots and lots, which explains why I can't fit into my skirts right now! Anyway, I am being just a L-A-Z-Y bum cause school's out, 4-H is somewhat in hiatus, and we don't have tons of "gotta do" on our calendars! And it's totally awesome! But I do miss y'all . . . do you miss me? Hopefully you do, cause I just love to be missed!

And guess what? The best person in the whole world will be missing me next week: Mister Bloomin' Life. Along with three other adults, I am taking twelve kids to church camp next week! This is a first for us . . . and hopefully only the beginning of a great summer activity for our kids. Only . . .

Brother Bloomin' Life and Sister-in-law Bloomin' Life are expecting a baby soon . . . only BUMMER! She is having her labor induced while I'm at church camp! How the heck am I supposed to focus on my relationship with the Lord and on making sure our kids are focused on the real reason for teen camp, when all I can think about is my new little niece and that I won't get to see her until two or three days after she's born? That stinks!

Oh, hey! Get this! I have a Gmail email account, right? So I was thinking about how Little Miss Independent and I get online and chat the night away sometimes. Seems like we talk more on Gmail chat than in person! How S-A-D is that? So, anyways . . . I was just thinking that the "g" in Gmail really stands for GOSSIP mail! LOL . . . so, back to my life . . .

Can you believe that this year is half over already? And guess what? I think you should know that CHRISTMAS is less than six months away! How's that for stress? LOL . . . You're welcome! Mom and I did some Christmas shopping today at Belk since they had some great jewelry (pronouned jury in Georiga) and bags (purses) on 50% off, plus an additional 50% off.

Plus, I bought a new little . . . uh . . . sweet nothing on clearance for myself. Or maybe you could say it was for Mister, though I didn't take pictures this time to send to him to see how he liked it. Nope, not when my 13-year-old wasn't with me to ask questions.

So, anyway, that's kinda some things going on with me right now. There's really lots more, but Bertha Mae is itchin' to try on that sweet nothing for Mister, so I gotta go before she busts a seam . . .

More ramblin' later . . . and trust me . . . there's lots floating around in my brain that I can't wait to get outta there!


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Deborah said...

Nice to see you back...and of course we missed you! Have fun at camp.