Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A note about photos on this blog

I just wanted to post a quick note concerning photos on this site. First of all, I love taking pictures and always have. I've got boxes and photo albums full of photos I've taken over the years. My first camera was a 35mm from Sears, and it came with a telephoto lense. To say that I was intimidated by the whole outfit is an understatement. Thing is, I had sent my husband to the store that day to buy me something easy to use. And he comes back with . . . THAT! I was so mad at him. Didn't he understand how challenged I was at complicated machinery? I guess not, considering we'd only been married about six months.

And it seems he still does not get the picture. Every time I finally get used to something, be it a cell phone, computer, tv, dvd player or whatever, he gets a new one! UGH! I like my 'old' stuff for Pete's sake! Of course, when he bought our first camera, there was not 'old' one. Eventually, I did firgure out how to use the thing and then I was unstoppable. People would ask us to bring our camera to every function imaginable because the pictures were awesome! But . . . it wasn't necessarily the user. It was that the equippment made really great pictures. Although I must confess that eventually I a little learned about lighting and composition and all the great stuff that makes for a great photograph.

Alas, that relationship too soon came to an end almost 15 years later when my wonderfully composed pictures came back from the processor with white and/or orange streaks running slap through them. What was going on? I found out from a professional photographer that I could have a bad seal of some sort around the lense that let too much light in. Great. I didn't, and still don't, know a good camera repair shop in the area. So, off to buy a new one.

Well, this was about the time that digital cameras were becoming popular, and my husband had one. But I could not part with my paper pictures. I told you. I like my 'old' stuff. I do not accept change so easily. So hubby buys me a great little 35mm automatic camera off the bargain shelf at Sears. I don't know how long I used it, but I liked it and it made wonderful pictures. I could even get my pictures on a CD so that I could email photos to family. However, in 2006 we found a neat little Kodak digital camera at Office Depot for $150.00 that was marked down from $350.00. Something inside of me gave in, and I asked for it as a Christmas gift.

Though I was a little scared of it at first, it's been a great little camera. It makes really great pictures outside, especially of flowers and children, which are what I grow anyway, right? And Lord knows I've got plenty of pictures of flowers and kids. I try to post only the good pictures I have taken, and I could post more if I had the right photo-altering software. Of course, even if I did have it, I would have the worst time figuring out how to work it. I just don't have enough functioning brain cells right now, what with homeschooling 3 highschoolers and a middleschooler.

So, all that blah blah blah to say this: I may post some pics that are not that great. Please don't hate me for it. I really love you guys for reading my blog. Please have pity on me as a brain-fried, computer challenged, busy mother of five. Hey, sometimes I might even post stuff that won't even have pictures because, dude, I took them but my husband wasn't home to download them to the computer for me. And I just don't have a clue.

I know. My husband could probably learn me how (ha ha!) to do it, but that would just be more stuff in this already over-crowded skull. I'm not sure how much room is left up there, but it feels like it's getting pretty tight as it is. Gee! I've already got to remember everybody's birthday, schedule for the week, and underwear size! And that's a lot of underwear! What else is gonna fit? Not much!

So, thanks for reading my blog and for understanding that, even if I include photos, they prolly won't be award-winning or anything of the like. Although . . . I did enter a photo in the fair this year and it won 2nd prize in the adult division! Yee-haw! I got all of $4.00 and a ribbon to prove it. Although . . . I'm not sure what I spent the money on. Ink to print the picture, maybe? Ha!

Here it is:

Y'all take care!

Love you like bees love honey!


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