Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Circus: Our day with Little E

So Thursdays are usually pretty busy days for us anyway, but Little Sister called this morning asking if we could watch her youngest, Little E. My sister had been in bed for a day or so with terrible stomach pain and was on her way to the doctor over in the next town. For that reason I couldn't possible refuse, and I never pass up an opportunity to watch over The Circus (my sister's kids). Only, today it would just be one of them and that's plenty enough to keep The Brood entertained.

Little Sis is over ten years younger than I am, putting her kids about the same distance in age behind my own. Her oldest, Little Miss Drama Queen, is ten years younger than Miss Independent. Her son, the one who swallowed a NICKLE and put an airsoft BB up his nose because he wanted to save it for later, is about tens years younger than The Chick Magnets. Little E is about ten years younger than Baby Girl. She is pretty much beyond description!

Anyway, in some ways I feel like a grandma to her kids. Even though they are "just" my nieces and nephew, I love having them over, whether to spend the night or just for the day. Once, I kept them for two nights in a row while she and her husband went out of town. I can't really remember much about those two days . . . it's pretty much a blur.

I think one of the things I love most about Sis's kids is how crazy they are! People call The Brood the zoo crew, but Sis lives in a CIRCUS with her three. You just never know what they will do or what will come out of their mouths! For instance, Sis was explaining to Little Miss Drama Queen about having to take her standardized tests with the local homeschool co-op, like The Brood does each year. She promptly asked if she would be going to take them at the EXTINCTION OFFICE! I'm supposing that she has heard us talk so much about going to the extension office that she assumed that that's where ALL homeschoolers go for any kind of activity. Oh yeah, and did you know that buttons fit into BUTT HOLES? Yeah, so glad to inform you of that little tidbit of information. And did you know that the real title of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is Pirates of the Carrotbean? And Capt'n Jack really says "arrr, me hinneys"?

Remember how I said that Little Man likes to put things back to save for later? Well, it seems that his nose isn't the only place he'll put things. His other "storage" area is the little fly/opening on his undies, something he calls his "peter pocket". Yeah . . . so . . .

Of course, there are a million little stories about those little monkies, but I can't think of them right now. If my sis doesn't write a book about all of their antics, she'll miss out on making a bundle of money!

Just a quick prayer request for Little Sis. She is suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease right now. Please lift her before the Father as she has been in a lot of pain lately. Hopefully her meds . . . and The Circus . . . will ease her pain and help her get well very soon.

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